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Empower your healthcare.  

Dr. Sara Hart presents an educational journey for individuals curious to access greater vitality and balance in their lives.  Drawing from over 20 years of research and practice of integrative medicine, these courses are designed to follow the seasonal cycles in nature to be your guide.  Learn to care for your health naturally, connect with the seasonal rhythm to awaken your intuition and inspire your inner wisdom.  

Inspired by the balance of the natural world while incorporating the wisdom of ancient traditions including Chinese medicine, Anthroposophy & Ayurveda we can reclaim our ability to live balanced, sustainable lives.

Each class includes:

  • Education of each months elemental wisdom from nature to your body for personal transformation

  • Exercises for seasonal wellness including meditation, Qigong, herbal medicine, nutritional guidelines, physical activity and more for your healthcare practices

  • Actions to carry out to assist ourselves and our culture to align with a balanced, vital world.

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explore topics below

EA spleen
EA triple warmer
EA stomach
Natural immune support first symptoms
natural immune support pic
EA - pericardium
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