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Herb Shares

"Heading into this global pandemic, shoring up all our food and medicine for our quarantine, it made so much sense to be part of the Community Supported Herbalism at Stillwater. I could support a local business that needs it right now, as well as support my family in a holistic way, while learning more about how the herbs work and how to use them. I'm in love with Tulsi basil after this month. I drank it steadily for most of the month, adding a scoop to my regularly prescribed herbal tea from Dr. Hart. And now I'm not sure I can go back. I feel it's fortification of my body, mind, and spirit so that I can be more prepared for the stress of my days and of this unique time of isolation and shifted routines. Looking forward to next month!" ~ Lyons Mama

"What a beautiful gift!!! Thank you so much! So important for this info to be circulated and to create local sustainable community based on natural health!!! LOVE IT!!" ~ Lyons Musician


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