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Equine 5-Element Therapy

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

In Classical Chinese medicine, we recognize that the heart is the most important organ in the body.  It is the home of the shen/spirit that facilitates the peace and organization of the rest of the organ systems allowing for us to know happiness, contentment and have an ability to contribute effectively to society and our world.

The horse is said to embody the attributes of the heart.  They have the largest heart relative to their body mass of any other mammal, so the heart is their focal point of physiology.  Horses are incredibly sensitive to the world around them, noticing subtle cues of change in all directions.  As a prey animal, they have the ability to launch into flight mode in an instant, yet they exist in a herd dynamic that allows them to be extremely at peace and relaxed.

Spending time with horses in the context of a therapeutic dynamic can be powerful and transformational. 

Horses affect our nervous system regulation, and have an exquisitely keen sense of truth.  Their reactions to humans are both compelling and insightful.  Like humans, they exist in complex social dynamics.  This can easily reflect for us our own dynamics of trust, safety and love as well as compromise, dischord and strain in our lives.

Dr. Sara Hart facilitates group and individual experiences with the horse herd and the elements of nature at the Hart Family Farm.  Dive deep into the understanding of the 5-element generating cycle of energy with the horses as your guides.

Individual Sessions:  Current patients of Dr. Hart are welcome to schedule Equine Assisted 5-Element Therapy visits.  Co-facilitated with the horse herd at Hart Family Farm, this service explores the dynamics of our health and relationship patterns.

Group Opportunities:  Exploration in inter-species healing. Drawing on the 5-element wisdom and the theme of the previous Elemental Alchemy classes each month, we’ll explore connection with the plants and animals in these seasonal events.

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