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Let Summer's Full Bloom Activate You

As we swell into the full bloom of summertime, may we all find vital ways of connecting in the world to fulfill our needs.  Just as the flower opens to express itself in the expansive nature of summertime, we too must open into the larger context of the world to know ourselves fully. It is the fullness of the flowers expression that fosters the dense power of the life force that consolidates into the seed. This energy carries the vitality through the winter to meet the next cycle of life. Similarly, our full expression of summertime is a necessary part of fostering health for the autumn and winter to come. 

Open fully to life’s expression now, connect with your web and use the long days to create the world you wish to rest easy into for the seasons to come… To learn more about how this expression in nature builds the vitality of our hormone/endocrine system and nourishes our whole health, please make use of the seasonal insight that traditional medicine honors. Align yourself with the wisdom of nature not only for your personal health, but to be an agent of transformation and empowerment to the world around you.  Now available from the comfort of your home, please enjoy this multi-media 5-element exploration with our online program:  

From the past 9 months of tracking the pandemic from its origin in Asia, through Italy and into the US we have gained a great deal of understanding of this virus. However, the nature of human communication today brings just as much confusion and uncertainty to what is true.

The truth lies within... The fundamental aspects of how we understand virus’ has not changed.  Western medicine has a track record of continuously disproving what was formerly believed to be discovered as truth. The short-sighted nature of its lens focuses so greatly on the minutia that often gets lost in the bigger picture. Ancient systems of healing have accumulated thousands of years of resources to assist humans managing illness, navigating life's challenges, and honoring life's transitions.  The list of cures is as lengthy as the diversity of species.  The attempt to bury the information of our natural resources that empower individuals has been the legacy of one power hungry ruler after another. Fortunately, traditions of wisdom prevail and the resources are still at our fingertips from our bountiful planet Earth. Time to activate!

The world is experiencing a healing crisis and it is time for each person to capture the power within to acknowledge what is our true nature, what are we here for and how do we do our best with this precious life. As humans in a collective narrative of destruction, we have a choice in each moment to either go along with the negativity and degradation of life systems or to reclaim our innate capacity to heal and create life anew. Nearly every system of our society is based on inequality between people, landscapes and resources. While this system is inherently destructive and does not sustain life, we have now come to a breaking point. If we do not take this window of opportunity, the story line clearly depicts the 6th greatest extinction will claim life as we know it. All living beings have inherently within them the power to create life. As humans, it is our gift and our responsibility to be stewards of a healthy world and to honor the beings we share this planet with through our everyday existence. When we encounter a challenge, fight or flight paralyzes us from using our creative gift. In these moments we have an opportunity to either be reactive and perpetuate the challenge, or to activate ourselves to generate a new dynamic in life. In these critical times on our Earth, I encourage you to seek out stories, beings and places on this Earth that activate you into using the full empowerment that lies within you! My Latest Favorite Resources to Activate Now

Finding Joe ~ We are all on the Hero's journey Bobbie Kennedy - Children's Health and Chronic Disease Prevention The Rich Roll podcast - Plant Power! Everything by Dr. Zach Bush - Regenerative Living The International Tribunal of Natural Justice - Creating a fair and just world. Dr. Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji and an increasing number of healthcare practitioners and scientists - Stirring the pot to question the dominant paradigm... Yours truly. (All programs currently $30. while in their trial mode! Feedback encouraged.) It is our greatest wish to support the transformation of individuals along their life path, creating greater vitality, joy and balance. It is our greatest gift to be witness to your unfolding path. For today, nurture your web, honor your allies and expand your resources to fuel your great transformation through the darkness of this time. ~ Dr. Sara Hart

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