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Autumn Equinox ~ Transform Yourself with the Season

The autumn is a phase of release. The time of year that energy moving upward and outward shifts to move downward and inward. Let go of the efforts of last season swiftly, consolidate what was useful and simplify your routine for optimal fall health.

Let go.

This is the season that connects us with the release of the generative effort of life from the previous seasons as the growth is over. The shift to colder, darker days creates a turning point in living systems. The release expresses outward as the colors being released from the trees, the leaves falling to the ground as the efforts of expanding out into the world conclude. The release turns us inward as the life force consolidates deep within the organism. Returning to the connection with the Earth.

Consolidate your energy.

Our modern world is driven by the outward experience, yet only so much of this is beneficial and for some it may be of very little help at all. The seasons change brings us into connection with this opportunity to shift, if we can give ourselves the opportunity to listen.

Slow into the present, de-escalate the nervous system, quiet the mind and you can allow this shift to strengthen you. Acupuncture, equine therapy, bodywork and counseling all assist this opportunity. The team at Stillwater is here for you. Dive deep into the understanding of the union of nature and our bodies with the Elemental Alchemy online class series.

Slow into the present.

Reconnect to nature and you reconnect to your body. These bodies are everyday miracles and require everyday care. Care for the skin, the lungs, the daily elimination cannot be ignored. We must tend to the pains until they relieve, nourish the tissues until they flourish and utilize every part of this miraculous experience in order to keep it well.

The autumn release reminds us, what don't we need? How do we empty ourselves clean enough? What energy has gone astray that we can consolidate to strengthen this winter?

We are here for you.

Stillwater is you local resource for guidance on the release, tools for nourishment and so much more. Schedule your seasonal visit with Dr. Hart for guidance on a personalized fall nutritional cleanse program. Visit Joel Packard for acupuncture treatments to find calm, quiet and inner peace. Learn from James Hart and the horse herd to return to yourself.

Come and make use of the natural medicine apothecary in Lyons or our online store anywhere! Adaptogenic herbs are necessities for modern day stress management, we stock the best of the natural medicine and nutrition resources in our book selection and have an array of sustainable living tools for every household to create positive change.

We hope to see you soon!

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