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Medicine to Fuel the Change ~ Wake up Your Gallbladder!

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The recent snow fall was a tremendous change for us in Colorado. We went from eating dinner on our patio in summer dresses to wearing snow-suits to do the farm chores, then snuggling indoors by the fire, cozy for Easter. The abrupt snap of spring weather is a reminder that our winters contracted energy isn't complete just yet and the eagerness of growth is powerful. Like the seedlings starting to grow early, impatience may stir. Yet the quiet of the snowfall, the perfect beauty of each snow flake remind us to be still and appreciative of the magic right before our eyes. As we venture further into the spring season we are grateful for the cold moisture that comes just after the early spring seeds awaken in the ground, for they will have a lovely blanket of moisture to help encourage them along.

Growth that is slow, patient and nourished is sure to provide a high yield.

The crocus flower shows us the delicate emerging beauty from it's long patient wait. Slow cultivation may not produce visible results immediately but over time can be generate intricate detail of life's perfection. As we settle into the "new normal" of social distancing and cultural disturbance from the pandemic washing across the planet, we have a tremendous opportunity to re-birth what is normal for ourselves and our communities. The spring energy provides us the experience of growth that is bold, dynamic and transformative. It is the bursting life energy that we all have within us. It is commanding, powerful and can literally change the world overnight.

During this time of re-organizing ourselves, confusion and uncertainty can be everywhere we look. Yet beneath the surface the stirring of what we truly need is there. It is time to embrace your true self, activate your warrior spirit and gather the energy to burst forth into the new version of life that you desire.

The wisdom of nature is all around us, and the ancient traditions of health from around the world have provided a guide and toolset to help us resonate with the seasons messages. Make use of these teachings to align your health with that of nature's wisdom and activate the deep resource of vitality within. Please enjoy this opportunity to learn from my 25 years of healthcare experience and over 12 years of 5-element Chinese medicine and Naturopathic medical practice with my new online courses.

Late Winter to Early Spring ~ Resonate with the urge to grow and expand by supporting the health of the gallbladder. Learn how to activate this force to regenerate and reclaim the power in your life. This program is ready for you to utilize today and can be found here:

Full Spring is soon upon us! With this season we must align our growth to our inner truth, just as the sprouting seeds of the Earth must work to reach the sun. Join me live for my next class, Yin Imperial Fire ~ the Heart's Message to learn medicine for love and to be a good human in today's world. You can register through our "Schedule Now" button below or contacting the Stillwater office directly.

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