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Autumn Equinox ~ A Time of Balance

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The late summer is a time described in Classical Chinese medicine as a phase of ripening and rotting. It is the completion of the spring and summer’s growth cycle. Now we see what has flourished from all the effort and what has not. We discover what was successful from the past season that we can harvest to support ourselves until a new cycle begins. Traditions around the world honor this time of year as a pause to acknowledge the accomplishments and to appreciate what has been working well for us. It is also a time to look closely at what has not been working well and make decisions of what to let go.

All biological systems are either existing in a process of generating life energy, or degenerating. There is no static state of existence. When we observe a system, a person, a family, a farm or a landscape we can see these simple truths of nature unfold before our eyes. We see that inevitable decline of living things is as much of a marvel as the amazing tenacity and endurance of life forms.

The autumn equinox is Tuesday, September 22nd and marks the time of the day and night being equal. Consider these prompts as explorations for your balance this autumn Equinox;

Balance Point

The day and the night are equal. Light and dark are balanced. We can now rest as much as we produce effort. Find this balance point within for yourself. What would your routine look like if you lived in this way?


What does this mean for us? How is it accessed? How do we keep it?

Harvest what you need

Relinquish what you don’t. Gather your allies, your forces and your medicine. The journey ahead is long and the nights are cold. What will you harvest to rely on this winter? What will you let go?

Do what you will with this one wild and precious life

Death is inevitably the only certainty in life. Autumn reminds us about letting go and accepting change. Many lives will follow this time of nature’s release to exit this realm and pass into the unknown as is the nature of seasonal change. What will you do to make the most of the time you have?

Give in to comfort

Our bodies know it, our plants know it, our Earth knows it. We all share a deep yearning for comfort and to provide comfort in this life. How can we be generous to others and provide ourselves with comfort mutually?

Discover symbiosis

Our living enhances other beings living. How can we live our lives to mutually support all life around us?

The season transforms from warm into cool, and with it our bodies needs change too. Time to shift gears from the fresh and raw vitality of the season to herbs, foods and activities that help us build up our warmth and activate our inner metabolism. Savor these late summer days of ripening and rotting by acknowledging the successes of the years’ efforts so far and relinquishing the failures to turn over for another cycle to come. Support this shift in energy with high metabolic activity, strengthening exercises, long adventures in the wild and projects to store your goods and energy for the coming winter.

From the balance of the natural world as explained through the wisdom of ancient systems including Chinese medicine, Anthroposophy, Ayurveda and Native American traditions we can reclaim our ability to live balanced, sustainable lives.

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