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LGBTQ... Healthcare Priorities

No matter how we present ourselves in the world, our bodies are always complex with a variety of healthcare needs.

He, She, Ze and everything in between, reproductive and hormone health needs are fundamental to healthy living.  Dr. Sara Hart spent 6 years working at Outside In, a community clinic in Portland, Oregon focused on caring for underserved youth, homeless and LGBTQ healthcare needs.  James Hart is absolutely dedicated to helping individuals explore how gender identity and sexual expression are related to goals and life choices.

Whether caring for a female body with male presentation or vice versa, considering medical intervention for hormone or surgical transitioning or just needing a safe place for counseling, routine healthcare, sexually transmitted infection testing and more, Stillwater Clinic is here to support you.

As many as 1 in every 1500 people is born characterized as inter-sexed, neither female nor male reproductive features predominating at birth.  Hormone shifts at different era’s of life can bring about surprising changes in who we know ourselves to be.  Healthcare needs are most neglected in individuals who feel they are not meeting the “norm” and discrimination is an unfortunate barrier to healthcare access.

At Stillwater, we offer an open and accepting space to we