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Integrative Medicine for LGBTQ+ Healthcare

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Integrative medicine is for everybody. The combined lens of many ancient systems of healing and modern approaches to health and psychology provide an abundance of resources to meet a persons needs along their health journey.

No matter where we come from, how we present ourselves in the world or who we are at any given stage in life our bodies are always complex. The variety of daily healthcare needs varies from the routine we keep, the nourishment we take in, the exposures we have to toxins and stressors and the resources we have to counteract them. Our bodies changing needs are also highly influenced by the stage of life that we are in and how our hormonal system and immune system are working together. This journey is often accompanied by symptoms and changes in our sense of well-being that drive us to explore new ways to care for our bodies and create the life we want.

Integrative medicine works to support individuals health by recognizing how the many systems inside the body are working together along with experiences we have in life to create function and ease in our lives. This balancing act can be best understood through the systems approach of integrative medicine. As an example, I commonly assist individuals of all genders with hormone balancing to support optimal energy, healthy skin & hair, neurological health and libido. This balancing act has many influencing factors. It is a combined effort from the endocrine system, liver processing and gut-brain access for complete metabolic synergy. Rather than simply suppressing symptoms, integrative medicine evaluates the health and function of these diverse factors to build a treatment plan for the whole system of the body, mind and spirit. Using resources from the natural world we are able to fortify organ function, nourish the cells and provide resources to ease dischord in the body and mind.

He, She, Ze, They and everything in between, reproductive and hormone health needs are fundamental to healthy living.  Integrative medicine provides an approach to healthcare that fundamentally respects the reality that we are all unique beings and we all benefit from an individualized approach to our healthcare. Dr. Sara Hart spent 6 years working at Outside In, a community clinic in Portland, Oregon focused on caring for underserved youth, homeless and LGBTQ healthcare needs.  James Hart is dedicated to helping individuals explore how gender identity and sexual expression are related to goals and life choices.

Whether caring for a female body with male presentation or any combination of gender and sexuality factors, healthcare is most effective when supporting the full vitality of the organs to manage the many factors that contribute to health and prevent disease. When a person is considering medical support for hormone health, mental health, complex symptom management and routine healthcare, Stillwater Clinic is here to support you.

As many as 1 in every 1500 people is born characterized as inter-sexed which means that neither female nor male reproductive features predominate at birth. Hormone shifts at different era’s of life can bring about changes in who we know ourselves to be.  This can create situations in life where the mainstream approach to health is inappropriate for an individuals greater wellbeing. Healthcare needs are most neglected in individuals who feel they are not meeting the “norm” and discrimination is an unfortunate barrier to healthcare access.

You can learn more about the barriers to healthcare access in this article on Retire Guide, LBGTQ+ Elder Healthcare Guide. At Stillwater, we offer an open and accepting space to welcome individuals of all backgrounds and orientations to receive care for their mental, physical and emotional healthcare needs. Every patient is treated as the individual that they are and the journey of lifes mysteries respected at every turn.

If you or someone you love is in need of an open and accepting healthcare provider either for navigating physical or mental health challenges, we are so happy to be a resource.

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